Minutes from the March 2014

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


19 in attendance


Ray & Ty - showed us pictures of the robot they are making. Also they showed us a USB relay board, Ray had some giveaways too.


Discussion on next few meetings:

April meeting - will be on the 6th

May meeting - first Sunday 5/4


Mike - talked about the TVCOG Makerspace in the Troy NY area.


Jake - RadioShack is closing 1100 stores. He also showed us his little exercise dongle.


Walter - gave us a talk on Evolutionary Robotics - Large numbers of robots working together to solve a problem. He also showed us his Raspberry Pi robot that has a USB webcam that can find faces & colors.


Will - showed us his Ardunio project.


Another member showed us his pen-plotter project.


Jake - talked about bi-colored LEDs. Then he talked about the Mini-MakerFaire in Westport scheduled for April 26 and the MIT Flea-Market, which runs from April-October (3rd Sunday).


Eric - tone receiver for the Trinity tone start mode. Then he talked about the parts database that is up on the club website (www.ctrobots.org/CRS_CHIPS.xls). Send an e-mail to Eric (emklaus@gmail.com) if you need any parts. He will mail / bring it to you at the next meeting.


Jake - giveaways.


Jim - showed the group his python plotting program through his Velleman K8055 board.


Another member showed pictures of his snow-clearing robot.



Good job to all.

The meeting adjourned at 3:30pm