Minutes from the February 2014

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


In attendance: 16


Jake - Intros, talked about the Science Olympiad which will be held in Farmington on 3/22/14 and the Invention Convention which will be held in Storrs on 5/3/14. 

             They are looking for volunteer judges for both events.

Jake – mentioned that the Hartford Maker Space has opened up. Eric continued on this topic and said the space was smaller than expected, lots of cool tools, a lathe, drill press

             and they were thinking about getting a 3D printer.  The people there were great. He will also be teaching his micro course there. their website is http://www.makehartford.com/

             They had 3 rooms and every other Wed. is an open house show and tell. They also have offered their place to us for free to use as a meeting place. This will need to be discussed further at a later date.

Eric – Went through a boatload of parts and made a spreadsheet of the inventory. To discuss the parts library, e-mail Eric at emklaus@gmail.com

Chris N. -- Made more progress with his Firefighting robot. He showed us a CO2 device operated by a servo which he would like to use, and a fan which will be his plan "B". He then showed us his robot following a wall at different speeds. 

           He was able to change parameters on the fly using a bluetooth interface to his computer.

Chris C.-- Showed us a cool LED strip with each LED addressable to change color or brightness. He then showed us an LED ring from Adafruit. This was also addressable. He used an Arduino Mega to control the LED's. 

Ben  - talked about a Printerbot 3D printer he got. It took him 2 days to build. he mentioned he will try to change the fishing line belts to something else that does not slip.

Eric – Showed us a VGA monitor project. Using an Atmega chip it takes serial info from a keyboard and sends it to the monitor. It also interfaced to his Z80 micro board and a Palm pilot case he got at Ocean state Job Lot for $1.00

Mike – Talked about a 2' long submarine he is working on. It will have 2 cameras, a temperature sensor and a very bright 10W LED that he showed us. it will be connected via a 100 meter fiber optic cable. 

Will  - Showed us his Arduino UNO and an LED Blinking.


Good job to all.

The meeting adjourned at 3:45