Minutes from the September 2013

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


In attendance: 16


Jake's introduction - he talked about meeting Peter Higgs at Edinburgh.

Mark - showed us the progress he has made on his robotic snow blower.

Jake - talked about making a 3d model of his friend's skull on his 3d printer.

Chris - made Yoda's head on Buddha on his 3d printer. He also shared what else he has been doing with it. Very interesting.

Jake - talked about his trip to China and showed us some pictures.

Jim - showed off his Z80 project.

John - showed us his Staples 3d printer. He also showed us his cell phone controller BOE bot robot and his PVC robot. Great job John!

Jake & Chris - talked about the upcoming NYC Maker Faire in September.

Eric - showed off his talking clock made from an Atmega32.

TJ - showed off his pinball machine and go-cart.

Jake - talked about the effort to start a Makerspace in Hartford.


Good job to all.

The meeting adjourned at 3:45