Minutes from the May 2013

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


In attendance: 13


First Chris showed us some plates he made on his 3D printer. He used "Openscad" a free program.

Next he showed us a 3D print of his wife's skull. She had an MRI done because she was going in for surgery.

He used a program called "Slicer" from Slicer.org, which converted the files on the disc from the Dr. to a file recognized by the printer.

Next Mark showed a video of a 3D pen soon to be on the market.

Brandon showed us a robot he built and named it "MOM". It picks up objects.

Li needed some help with a stepper motor circuit he built. He used a PIC microcontroller and a motor driver chip. The motor did not move all the time. The whole group got involved and we came up with 2 reasons the circuit didn't work properly. First the batteries he was using did not supply enough current, and 2nd, the motor driver chip was faulty. We connected a power supply with plenty of current and fried both the Micro and the driver chip. After replacing the chips, it worked perfectly.

Eric told us his misfortune of ordering a PIC programmed from EBAY and how he received a bracelet. After a long time of exchanging e-mails he finally got the right part.

Last item - we had another give-away.


Good job to all.

The meeting adjourned at 3:00