Minutes from the March 2013

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


In attendance: 13


Jake talked about a Makerspace coming in Hartford.

Li talked about his PIC 627A Microchip motor controller.

Li demo'ed a brushless fan - and asked why does it only go in one direction? Because there is a controller inside.

Another member showed us a follow the light servo based robot that he built.

One of our younger members showed us his first soldering project and wanted help cleaning up some solder bridges.

Eric showed us his Roomba using an Atmega 32 as a brain with a IR remote for control. He also showed us the Roomba docking station.

Jake showed us his robot ice cubes that he made with a mold that he bought at the MIT musuem.

Jake then showed us a Power of Ten like video on the "Scale of the Universe".

Ed talked about his Raspberry Pi. He also talked an intersting article about amplifiing range of motion between video frames that can be used to remote sense heart rate.  Ed also talked about another article he saw about a liquid battery for storage of solar energy.

Jake showed the group how to remove excess solder with a solder sucker.

Jim talked about his dual-voltage power supply.

John talked about his vision work with the Raspberry Pi.

Joe had a bunch of Servo magazines to giveaway.

Drew showed us his Android MK802 PC in a Box.

Li showed off his SolidWorks animations.


--- Great job to all.

The meeting adjourned about 3:00pm.