Minutes from the January 2013

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


In attendance: 22


Mark - demoed his SP0256 based speech synthesisizer

Mark - demoed a light sensor connected to his speech synthesisizer

Mark - demoed Team Viewer software at work

Mark - giveaway of old laptop parts

Jake - giveaway of multimeters, project boxes, and a parallel port contraption

Another member showed us his Lego pneumatic powered truck and plane

Charlie - stepper motor project a computer controlled polishing machine

Chris and son showed us their VEX RC controlled robot

Chris - showed us his 3d printer

Eric showed off his Raspberry Pi

Jim - Raspberry Pi blinking LED demo

John demoed his Raspberry Pi robot with stereoscopic vision

Chris - made a part with his 3d printer

Jake - robot car offer

Jake - mindstorms coming out with another version

Jake - talked about his school's gear train project

Li - talked about his Vex robot


--- Great job to all.

The meeting adjourned about 3:30pm.