Minutes from the December 2013

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


In attendance: 9


Jake showed us the Thing-O-Matic 3d printer that he was using to make a Raspberry Pi case for one of the members

Chris showed us his RC car that had substantial parts made with his 3d printer

Mike showed off his VEX robot using an Ardunio and C -dunio motor driver

Mark – brought in a kit that he built in 1982 - a timer where you can select X number of minutes after which the time expires and shuts off the AC to an outlet

        - demoed his freeware Soundcard O-scope using a Fluke Multifunction Calibrator (www.zeitnitz.de/Christian/scope_en)

Eric - showed off the position tracking sensor that he and Mike will use in the balloon project

       - showed the group a pair of 2.4 GHz transceivers that he got on e-Bay

Ed showed off his new Beaglebone Black SBC

Joe showed off his new Windows Surface tablet


Good job to all.

The meeting adjourned at 3:15