Minutes from the November 2012

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


In attendance: 15

Chris - Showed Makerfair pictures and talked about the fair.

Colin - Showed us his robot he got at the Makerfair and also a robot duck.

Eric - Showed us a video of a lego great ball contraption.

Charlie - Talked about a telescope he is making and was looking for help with the task of automating the process of polishing the telescope mirror.

Chris - Demoed the Eggbot

Next Jake had a give-away: Wooden race car kit, a wooden robot, an AM radio kit, and a telephone.

Jake - Makerbot Demo

Jake - Light Demo, and talked about light and what we see and what sensors see.

Li - Showed us a video on using a brain to control the legs on a cockroach. He also showed us a video of a device with 5000 mirrors to obliterate anything.

--- Great job to all.

The meeting adjourned about 3:30pm.