Minutes from the March 2012

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


11 in attendance

The meeting started at 1pm

Jake informed the group that Mike said that there will be a Westport Mini Maker Faire to be held on April 28th.

Jake passed around an LCD case made by his students on the 3d printer that the school owns

Mike and Eric updated us on their ballon project. They are upgrading to a CO2 presuized gondola . They are supposed to do a demo on April 1.

A new member described what's involved in her school's robotics project.

Jake took the group upstairs and showed us how much progress the GHAMAS FTC (First Contest) robotics team had made from the last time we saw them.

Jake then showed the group some YouTube videos (one was a bipedal robot riding a bicycle, really cool).

Mike and Eric demoed their servo arrangement that will be controlling the poistion of their camera in the ballon project they are working on.

Jake talked further about the 3-d printer he has been working with.

--- Great job to all.

The meeting adjourned about 3:30pm.