Minutes from the January 2012

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


17 in attendance

The meeting started at 1pm

1) Jake's Robot Eggs story.

2) Mark's Cubelets video - system of interlocking cubes that you can create robots with.

3) Jim showed off his Velleman K8055 kit. The K8055 kit is a USB Experimenters Interface Board that Radio Shack sells. It has 8 digital outputs, 5 digital inputs, 2 analog to digital inputs and 2 digital to analog outputs.

4) Mike talked about his high altitude balloon project. Featuring live TV via Amateur Radio and a camera that can be panned with a servo. Also it has a gyro compass to enable the camera to remain stable. He then showed us a video of the project.

5) Josh showed us his digital video recorder and his Kinect / X-box 360 system that renders body movements to stick figures.

6) Jake talked further about his Maker Bot. He then passed around some of his current creations. He then talked about Google's Sketch-Up CAD program.

7) Chris and son Aiden showed the group their working 4-cyl model engine. They also showed us their 72 LED clock kit from the company "Evil Mad Science". Plus they also showed us a kit that turns off TV's.

8) Josh and Mike showed the group Team Viewer - a cloud program that allows you to remote to another person's PC.

9) Finally, Jake took us upstairs to meet the GHAMAS FTC (First Contest) team.

--- Great job to all.

The meeting adjourned about 3:30pm.