Minutes from the February 2012

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


10 in attendance

The meeting started at 1pm

1)      Jeff showed his iRobot Create, He had a free app in his Android phone that could control the robot by touch, by movement, and by speech.

The phone connects to the robot via Bluetooth and then could be controlled by another phone or via the world wide web.

2)      Bill was up next, and showed us the head of a robot he had for the Trinity Fire Fighting contest. It had on IC and two light sensors which followed a light and drove the servo.


3)      Drew was up next and was having difficulty trying to get his own code to work with the Altera board he got at a previous give away. Eric was there to help, he had success with his board which he showed at a previous meeting.


4)      Jake told his story about tying to purchase a Cad program for the school.


5)      Mike then showed us some composite materials and some pictures of parts of a radar frame being made. He then talked about the balloon experiment, which will launch sometime this spring.


6)      Mark showed a video of water droplets orbiting around a knitting needle in zero gravity.


7)      Eric showed us a USB serial interface for connecting to his ATMega32, and a serial to parallel converter he made to drive an LCD display.



--- Great job to all.


The meeting adjourned about 4:00pm.