Minutes from the December 2012

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


In attendance: 14

Charlie - contest - what did Jake make for Charlie in SolidWorks? It turned out to be a whistle.

Jim reminded the group that this was the 15th year anniversary of the CRS.

Mark presented Charlie with a really nice stepper motor and showed the group how to work with it.

Mark had 3 rolls of solder that he wanted to give away.

Mark demo'ed his stepper robot for the group. It is a lego hybrid using really good stepper motors and controller borads.

Mike gave me an update on his ballon project - pictures can be found at http://bptrobotics.com.

Eric built and demoed a small tracked robot using encoder sensors and buttons from a mouse.

John demo'ed robot guidence using three very cool robots that were made out of PVC frames with lawn mower wheels that you could purchase from Home Depot and motors that you can extract from cordlress screwdrivers. One had a laptop for a brain. He was also using XBee for wireless communications. You can see more at www.protbot.co.nf You can e-mail John at: John@protbot.com. Super demo, thanks John.

Charlie talked about robot vision in particular the response of the human eye to white light. When we see a white LED we are really seeing a few red photons, a few blue photons and a few cyan photons. This can skew the response of sensors because you really don't have all the wavelengths of light. Charlie then talked about a tool that will polish mirrors for use in telescopes. Very nice!

Jake demo'ed different types of light bulbs to see how the bulb type affects the color of the light. 2700K is the temp of a normal incandescent bulb and it has a yellow tinge. Also 6500K is the temp of a really white light.

Next up was Li and he showed us his cell phone projector. Then he showed us pictures of his balancing robot. Finally Li talked about the FIRST technical challenge contest in NYC that he attended. Jake then showed us a short video of what they are trying to do.

Next Jim talked about his new birthday present - a Raspberry Pi (a single-board Linux computer that retails for $35).

--- Great job to all.

The meeting adjourned about 3:30pm.