Minutes from the Sept. 2011

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


The meeting started at 1pm


The meeting started with a discussion of the summer activities.

CT FIRST University 9-17-11

Maker Faire 9-17 & 9-18 NY SCI Building. Jake showed some videos from last years show.

Bill gave a presentation on gears and how they work with Legos.

Great Give Away: Joe brought a robot kit, Jake shared a collection of  Books, Videos, and other gadgets.

Mike presented his balloon SAT System incorporating Camera, GPS, Sensors, and Controls. Eric is assisting with software for antenna tracking.

   Data is transmitted to ametuer stations and uploaded thru Finland to Google Maps. Eric demonstrated the camera orientation system.

Sebastian showed a few videos, - Worlds Tallest Job, Kingda Ka Roller Coaster, and a skiing tournament.

Bill demonstrated Lego NXT-G Software.

  -- Great job to all.