Minutes from the October 2011

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


The meeting started at 1pm

15 in attendance

1) Bill talked about Lego gears. He also had an NXT out of its case so we could see the insides.

2) Chris, Joe & Jake shared their experiences at the Maker Faire in NYC. This was the first time that this event was held on the east coast. Jake showed some pictures and videos from the show.

3) Aiden showed us the Simon game he soldered at the fair.

4) Next Jake showed some misc videos.

5) Jim showed the group his Propeller-based PC keyboard and LCD display project.

6) Mark brought in two HP printers and an antique DOS Compaq laptop for giveaway.

7) Another member had an old Mac SE and a Sun workstation that he wanted to giveaway.

8) Bill demo'ed his NXT robot.

9) Finally, Jake had a giveaway of VCR tapes and books.

--- Great job to all.

The meeting adjourned about 3:00pm.