Minutes from the November 2011

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


17 in attendance

The meeting started at 1pm

We watched a you-tube video found by Mark W. "Quantum Locking".

Jake's explanation of the physics involved in the above video.

Boston Dynamics video on a very life-like bi-pedal robot.

Misc videos were shown by Jake

Jake told us about his woes with the Maker-Bot, his 3-D rapid prototyping machine (3-D printer) which he found at the maker Faire. Another member told us about the missing bearings in his kit.

Next Aiden showed off his cylon eyes flashing light kit.

Jim showed off his 3-axis accelerometer.

Mike and Eric talked about their near-space ballon experiment.

Mark's snow storm story. A Radio Shack power inverter connected to a 12V car battery powered a few lights and TV.

One of our students talked about his plans for a NXT Robotics school project. And the group gave some advice for obstacle avoidance using IR and ultrasonic sensors.

Walter gave a talk on "Evolving Neural Netorks".

Jeff showed off his ATtiny AVR flashing LED project.

Mike talked about his desire to see some of us to help out at Robotics and Beyond summer camp (in New Millford).

At the December meeting we will have a "Nostalgia Day" - bring in "old" stuff to show off (i.e. a "pong" game).

Eric talked about his AVR project to help improve boiler effciency www.sites.google.com/site/avrboilerresetcontrol

Mark had a stepper motor giveaway.

--- Great job to all.

The meeting adjourned about 4:00pm.