Minutes from the December 2011

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


12 in attendance

The meeting started at 1pm

1) Jake gave the group a demo of his school's Maker Bot Thingomatic - the 3-d model maker

CRS Nostalgia Day Events

2) Jake passed around some old computing magazines and a 740-0 diskette

3) Mark brought in his old Pong video game and his Atari 800XL and his Atari 1050

4) Chris brought in a Newton - Apple's early "PDA"

5) Eric showed off his 8-bit C64, Timex Sinclair, and Compaq laptop

6) Someone else brought in their old Sinclair Zx81

7) Jim played his movie of his old ASR 32 teletype that actually worked

8 ) Jake's nostalgia game

--- Great job to all.

The meeting adjourned about 3:30pm.