Minutes from the April 2011

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


The meeting started at 1pm

7 in attendance

Jake - Liz M. received third honors in the science fair she entered

Jake - passed out information subtaintiaing his claim that a Peruvian election did indeed take place on April 10 at GHAMAS

Jake - passed out magazines from the Trintiy contest

Jeff B. - told us about his impressions of this years Trinity contest

Jake - Chinese were at Trinity and gave Jake a new robotics kit that they are planning on marketing in the US

Jake - showed us a video of the Thingaverse 3D-printer

Jim hooked up his netbook and showed the group LTSpice IV, a neat circuit simulator

Jeff B - gave away parts boxes

  -- Great job to all.

The meeting adjourned about 3:00pm.