Minutes from the October 2010

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:

The meeting started at 1pm

16 people in attendance

First we had the usual introductions by Jake.

Jake then showed the group a cool video "Powers of 10"

Chris was up first and talked about the Maker Faire in NYC. It sounded very interesting. We will try to post something next time before the event so more people could possibly attend. He spoke about and showed us a video from ArcAttack. More info about them at http://www.arcattack.com/

Aiden showed us a pen that made different sounds as you draw.

Michael was up next and showed us his electronic weather vane that he built in a class at Eli Whitney.

Walter talked about his latest experiment in evolving neural networks.  In this project he has a (for now simulated) robot that starts off with no knowledge of itself or its environment and learns over time to avoid walls without any human interference.  Walter explained how this worked and showed several video clips of this in action - including videos of the rather creative techniques the robots learned along the way.

Liz, Kenny, and Todd were up next and they talked about their robot and the First Tech Challenge. Their robot is currently under construction and has a Lego NXT as the controller. The robot must fit in an 18"x18"x18" area at the start of the competition, but can extend beyond that during the event. They meet at the Kingsford Oxford School in West Hartford at 70 Kingswood Rd. (off of Trout Brook Drive.) M,T,Th,F 3-5 and W 1-2:15 For more information contact:

Smith.k.11@K-O.org , Balcezak.D@K-O.org , Miller.l.11@K-O.org , or Kelmar.t.12@K-O.org

On Nov. 13th there will be a scrimmage at the Kingsford Oxford School

Eric was up next and he is teaching a class at the Glastonbury High School. The course, "Intro to Micro Controllers" will be Nov. 2, 9, 16, & 23 from 7-9 PM and will focus on the Atmel Atmega series More info at https://www.glastonburyus.org the cost is only $45.00. He then showed us one of his projects, a micro controller that could decode a TV or VCR IR remote.

Next up was Mike, he was looking for a group to brainstorm for a robotics club in Bridgeport.

Lastly we had a give-away.

Great job to all.

The meeting adjourned about 4:00pm.