Minutes from the November 2010

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


The meeting started at 1pm

20 in attendance

First we had the usual introductions by Jake.

Jake then showed the group videos focusing on the latest Robocup soccer competition, and Mark showed us a video of a microbiology lab robot system called WASP which uses 9 stepper motors from the company where he works.

Jake talked about a MicroEngineering Labs discount.

Mark talked about his company's stepper motors.

Liz talked about her team's (Kingsford/Oxford FIRST robotics) robot and recent scrimmage (practice trials).

There was a demo of a “Ladybug” (tm) wall detector robot.

Next we had Jake's Cubic Cyclonium demo.

A new member showed off his NXT based “parallel-park” robot.

Eric demo'ed his Stratics microprocessor development board

Mark gave a nice intro to stepper motors talk. The steppers that Mark works with are intellegent steppers with capabilites up to 51,200 steps / 360 degrees (called micro-stepping).

Eric also have a stepper motor demo using an Atmega 32 for the microprocessor and a 48 steps/revolution stepper motor.

Finally, there was the give-away, lots of electronics, computer parts and motors.

  -- Great job to all.

The meeting adjourned about 4:00pm.