Minutes from the May 2010

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


The meeting started at 1pm

9 in attendance

Jake showed a video from Scott's award presentation.

Next we viewed a video of a brianwave interface from Emotiv (the Epoc headset) that can control a Rovio robot.

Coming at the Connecticut Science Center (CSC):

On May 29th an exhibit on Robotics will open. The exhibit is planned to run from May 29th till December.

On Thursday June 3rd Joe Bosworth (smartrobots.com) will be giving a talk at the Connecticut Science Center.

We saw a video on the new Mars rover called Curiosity which is scheduled to launch in 2011 and be on Mars in 2012.

Jim showed the group his NXT robot for the obstacle avoidance challenge.

Then we viewed Jake's “Science Going to Work in Connecticut” video.

The Great Giveaway Part 2 (from Adrienne and Bill B. - thanks guys!).

  -- Great job to all.


The meeting adjourned about 3:30pm.