Minutes from the January 2010

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


The meeting started at 1pm

About 20 in attendance


The meeting started with Jake and his usual introduction to the club.

John was up next who spoke about SPARK, "Starter Programs for the

Advancement of Robotics Knowledge".
You can visit their web site at "http://spark.irobot.com/"


Next up was Les who gave away a stack of magazines and an air ionizer

that Scott was able to get a cfl to flash a few times.


Mark then showed two more of his companies new products, a 17 frame

linear motor that had a screw attached to the motor and was had linear

movement of .031" per revolution and a 23 frame motor that the screw

went through the motor and had linear movement of .2" per revolution.

More information on these products can be seen at

Next was our sorting contest, and Jeff was up first with his sorter

which sorted the bricks in about 2 seconds. Very impressive.


Up next was Jim & Jackie to show their sorter.


Mark was up next. He showed us his sorter, and the played a game with the

sorter and Visual Basic. Once the sensor determined if the lego piece was black or red,

a short music clip played with the word "Red" or "Black" and you had to guess the song.


Michael then had his sorter run. This used the Lego NXT and sorted 4

different color balls.


Jeff won the competition with his 2 second sorting time. No one else was

even close.


Dave Ross from Diversified Engineering came to show us the Microchip

development systems. He presented us with a nice Power Point show. The

least expensive unit he showed was the (PicKit3) and it cost $44.00 with

a demo board.


     -- Great job to all.


The meeting adjourned about 3:45.