Minutes from the April 2010

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


The meeting started at 1pm

16 in attendance

Jake showed a video from TED.com (Tech Entertainment Design) on Dennis Hong's RoMeLa.

Next we viewed a youTube video featuring Neil DeGrasse-Tyson explaining why we need to stay in the manned space business.

There will be a Robotics Exhibition at the Connecticut Science Center. The exhibit is planned to run from May 29 till December.

On Thursday June 3rd Joe Bosworth will be giving a talk at the Connecticut Science Center.

Jake gave away some Servo and Circuit Cellar magazines.

Next John and Ed talked about their experiences at the recent Trinity College FireFighting Robot Contest. There were 105 robots registered.

John – this was the 17th contest. Kits are ok as there is a division for that. House-on-Fire was a recent addition – it is an outdoor house that has a pond from which the robot pumps out water in order to put out a Tiki torch fire.

Ed – talked about the Robo-Waiter contest. He also told us of his involvement in the development of concept mazes for future competitions.

Jake talked about his up upcoming trip to Argentina.

Next we saw a video on the U3-X personal people mover.

The next MIT trip is planned for July – details to follow.

Jake's giveaway from Adrienne, Bill B., and posters from Joe B.

Next we had our Ping-pong ball contest.

            Contestant #1 - NXT robot that was able to seek a target and shoot a ping-pong ball at it.

            Contestant #2 – NXT robot that moved a ping pong ball and dropped it off the edge of a table.

            Contestant #3 – RCX robot that used a claw to transport a ping pong ball from one place to another.

Contestant #3 won today's contest – the prize was a neat Hydro-Clock.

Finally Jake gave us a demo of his bipedal robot


  -- Great job to all.


The meeting adjourned about 3:30pm.