Minutes from the September 2009

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


The meeting started at 1pm

18 in attendance

1)    This was our first meeting at the Connecticut Science Center (CSC)

2)    We had our usual introductions by Jake

3)    There was a call for volunteers for the Science Olympiad (kids working on robots).
        - in March - H.S. students
        - in April - Jr. H.S. students

4)    Free stuff giveaway - refrig magnets

5)    There was an announcement for a robotics competition at WPI on Nov 7-8
       (Worcester, MA - ricc.wpi.edu)

6)    We watched a Grandar industrial lighting art show video

7)    Next we heard of Jake's adventures accepting an award for a Chinese friend
       of his (IALD award)

8)    Then Jim showed the group his Lego odometery robot based on Gary 
       Lucas’s design.

9)    Another member spoke on collecting stuff for robotics at tag (garage)
        sales - check out www.courant.com for a list of tag sales going on for any
       particular weekend

10)    Next we had a recap on our July MIT Flea Market trip

11)    Next Chris showed off his servo motor tester and an LED nightlight 
          that he made

12)    The group then took a look at "RobotBasic for Beginners". Also John
          said that RobotBasic v4.0 is now available

13)     Jake then talked about his fischertechnik kits - the motors are better 
          than in previous versions with the gear trains now built into the motors

14)    Jake then showed the group his "Search & Rescue Robot Contest" video

15)    Sebastian's robotics club at school has a competition coming up.
          Kick-off - Sept 19th 2009 at the Central Connecticut State University
          Game-day - Nov 1st 2009
          Check out www.ccsu.edu/technology/CTBEST for details

16)    Chris talked about the Microchip Embedded Design Forum

17)    Jake told the group that the CSC will be hosting a traveling Robotics
          exhibit coming in May

18)    Finally, we talked about doing a RobotBasic clinic at an upcoming

meeting adjourned at 3pm


Next months meeting is on October 11th.