Minutes from the October 2009

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


The meeting started at 1pm

25 in attendance

First up was Sebastian to talk about experiments at the science center, one, which used over 300 helium balloons to lift a stuffed animal, and one that used a solar oven to cook smores.


Next up was Chris to talk about the Olympiad event, which is still looking for volunteers. He spoke about how he and his wife helped out.


For more information you could contact Cindy Wilbur at wilburc@fpsct.org  or at 860-384-9189, or go to www.soinc.org


Next Jim showed his robot, which used an ultrasonic sensor to tell the robot to turn.


Mark was up next with his robot that did a perfect 2-foot square.


Jake then showed several videos that he took out in CA at the Search and rescue contest which he brought several students, three of them talked about their experiences :Cody, Liz, and Inol.


Next up a member showed his walking robot that he used at the Trinity Fire Fighting Contest.


Chris was up next to show his LED project that was in the shape of a heart, and blinked with different patterns.


Next Sebastian showed his Lego NXT Robot.


John then showed some videos.


Then Jim was up again to show his new project, which uses a Parallax Propeller, which has 8 independent processors. He is using a laser pointer and a detector and is trying to measure the speed of light.



Last up was Jake to get everyone involved in a "Find the light contest" using Fischertechnik ROBO Pro Software along with robot kits from Fischertechnik


  -- Great job to all.


The meeting adjourned about 4:00.