Minutes from the March 2009

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


Total Attendance:  16

First Scott was up to announce that the company he works for, Joining Technologies in East Granby, CT will host our May

meeting at their facility. They do laser and EB welding, and also perform an additive process which is used to repair used

and worn out parts. Their website is: WWW.Joiningtech.com


Next month we will not be meeting due to the Trinity Fire Fighting Contest and Easter.


June should be our first meeting at the new CT Science Center, more info to come.


Jake talked about having some type of a display at the center to advertise our group.  Scott offered his 17 LCD monitor and

Jake will come up with a computer to show a Powerpoint presentation.


Next Les passed around a piece of coax wave guide from a transmission tower.


Our drawing challenge was next and Chris & Aiden were up first. Their "scribler robot" drew some patterns including a spiral.
Their robot has a StampII and they use PBasic to program it.


Next up was Jim, his robot drew a large stick figure person. He programmed in C and his robot has an AVR Atmega8.


Mark was up next with his Lego Plotter. The base of his robot was made from a scrapped flatbed scanner. His robot spelled out

USA, and then drew some shapes including a trapezoid. He programmed his mindstorms brick with NQC.


Jim then showed us his display project. He built a circuit with a Microchip PIC16F84 and used an older palm pilot to send the

CRS message to the display.


Jeff also showed his display project, which was a clock with multiple custom fonts. Jeff programmed his project in assembly



Jeff then explained I^2C (TWI) two wire interface communications, and Jake talked about RFID tags.

Chris & Aiden then showed their CNC machine along with some name plates that they cut with the machine.


Andrew was up next and showed his drawing robot.


Last up was Cindy, who is a science teacher in the Farmington school system. She talked about the Science Olympiad, a

National Competition.  She wants people to be aware of the program and is looking for volunteers to help. She can be

reached at: wilburc@fpsct.org  or at 860-384-9189


Then we had the giveaways, lots of stuff, motors and displays & misc electronics.


  -- Good job to all.


The meeting adjourned about 3:30.