Minutes from the Jan 2009

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


Total Attendance:  11


John spoke about RobotBASIC which can be downloaded from Robotbasic.org


He then gave a demo and showed a few youtube videos on lessons for using the program.


Chris showed us the E-Ink display from Esquire magazine, and an LED housing and assembly that he made.


Aided then showed us his robot tank drive.


Jeff was up next with an incredibly fast line follower robot. He also brought in lots of stuff to give away. 


Hasan was up to show his IRobot Roomba and talked about how he got it for free and how he was going to fix it up and give it away

to the next one in line. 


Mark was up next and demonstrated the Find the Light challenge.


  -- Good job to all.



We then had an open discussion.



The meeting adjourned around 3:15 pm