Minutes from the Feb 2009

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


Total Attendance:  16

First Chris was up to show his CNC machine kit.
This is a 3-axis machine with electronics and stepper motors for
about $200.  It includes a mount so you can use your own Dremel tool.


Next Scott was up to talk about his company Joining Technologies, and the are
willing to host our May meeting at their facility. Here is a link to their website: WWW.Joiningtech.com


Jake talked a little about the science center and that there is an opening for a robotics instructor at his
where he used to teach at GHAMAS.


Bill spoke a bit about the First Lego League (FLL) & how his team made it to the states competition and received 2nd place.  His team
will be going to Ohio in May for the US Open. Good Luck!
He also spoke about putting a team together.


Joe had asked about what algorithms were used for the "Find the Light Challenge"

Mark responded with the way his lego mindstorms robot worked to find all three lights.

Bill added in with how he had planned for his lego NXT robot using HI technic sensors worked.

Scott & Drew talked about their lego mindstorms robot.


Next we set up the "Find the Light Challenge" and three robots attempted the challenge. It seemed like the light from the windows affected some of the robots.
It was an interesting challenge and we all had fun.


Jake also had a couple of robots that followed a lighted ball.


Then we had the giveaways, lots of stuff, motors and displays & misc electronics.


We then had our open discussion and we decided to have a challenge next month for a robot to draw different things, Square, circle, Letters and maybe even a word.



  -- Good job to all.



The meeting adjourned around 3:30pm