Minutes from the December 2009

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


The meeting started at 1pm

8 in attendance

One of our members ended up with one of Scott's giveaway items from the last meeting - a positioning linear screw shaft that happened to be frozen. He explained how they work and what he had to do to fix the problem. He then gave a quick discussion of general servo motor operation.


Mark W. was up next giving us a demo of his company's new MDrive AccuStep 23 stepper motor/driver. This stepper with its associated driver electronics can do up to 51,200 steps per revolution! It also could be put into a mode where if it was stoped, it would start back up again and actually make up the steps it lost. The product information can be found at ( http://www.imshome.com/products/mdrive23accustep_mai.html )


Next up were Jim & Mark. Each built a Lego robot to sort 10 red & black Lego pieces. Both robots did a good job. Mark's robot made use of a belt from a copier machine that could hold all 10 pieces at once while Jim opted to use a base that could swivel a moving conveyor belt. Mark's time was 21.26 sec and Jim's robot took 193.61 sec to perform the task - clearly this one goes to Mark. Great job Jim and Mark!


Tom gave a talk on UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) like the Predator. Specifically he focused on JAUS which stands for Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems. This is a messaging protocol that is used by different robotic sub-systems to talk to each other.


Finally we had a stepper motor clinic. We took a stock bipolar stepper motor, figured out which wires went with what coil using a multimeter, and determined the step sequence.


  -- Great job to all.


The meeting adjourned about 3:45.