Minutes from the Nov 2008

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


Total Attendance:  15


Talked about past events and contests.


Talked about building robots and show & tell.


We voted on having a line following contest for the Dec.14 meeting.


Sebastian showed his lego NXT robot, prog 1 made it move forward and pick up a ball. Prog 2 utilized the ultrasonic sensor and had it back up when it came close to an object.


We then watched some "Robot News" podcast video's that Mark downloaded from i-tunes.


We went around the room and everyone introduced themselves and talked about their backgrounds.


Another new member showed a walker robot that he built several years back, unfortunately it was not operational.


Talked about some good publications for information on robotics.

1) Nuts & Volts

2) Servo

3) Circuit Cellar

4) EPE online (Everyday Practical Electronics)


We then had an open discussion.



The meeting adjourned around 3:30pm