Minutes from the September 2007

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


Total attendance: 20


The meeting commenced with the viewing of several short video clips from botjunkie.com.

Next up was Jake with the usual introductions.  He also brought in a new robot kit from the Chinese company Grandar; while showing off some videos of the kit in action, he passed it around for everyone to see.

Scott was up next with a demonstration of a very (very) precise laser measuring device.  He explained how the device worked and also showed how the sensor could even detect the slight warping of our tables if someone leaned on them.  Very cool!

A new member then showed everyone a very cool walking robot which he designed; excellent work!

Following this, Thane asked the group for some advice on windshield washer motors.

Nathaniel came up next with his latest project: a modified iRobot Roomba that served as a “seeing eye-dog” of sorts.  Through the use of a live demo and a pre-recorded video, we saw how the robot, designed for an iRobot sponsored contest, was able to guide a blind person down a cluttered corridor.  Great work, and best of luck with the contest!

John took the stage next with an introduction to Robot BASIC – a free robotic programming language and simulator.

Jim and Walter, having spent the summer developing an Eliza AI program were up next.  With Jake playing the part of a patient, the two therapist programs were put to the test.  While both programs performed very well (and the club got some good laughs over some of the more interesting responses), Jim’s program was voted the most realistic.


The meeting adjourned around 4:00pm