Minutes from the October 2007

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


Total attendance: 16


The meeting commenced by viewing some videos from Engineering TV


Next we had the usual introductions by Jake


One of our members generously gave away some books and some other misc stuff that he had brought.


Next Mark W. gave away some really neat stepper motors. Thanks Mark!


One of our new members showed off his Uconn student robot project. A really fine machine!


Duncan showed-off a cool motor / encoder. Go to e-Bay and search on “micro-mo”. Duncan also showed us his Excel based overlay for circuit boards. Really nice.


Ed talked about his master's thesis project. A balancing  robot - drive and steering.


Report on Grandar Chinese s/w -it hung.


Discussion on the future direction of the club. See the Agenda page for the details. In a nutshell:

11AM – 2PM building session - bring in own project  or choose  from Jake's list;

2PM – 4PM will be show and tell.


Art will give a demo of  Pro-desktop/Pro-engineer (a CAD/CAM program) at the show-and-tell portion (2PM – 4PM) of the next meeting. And he has 400 seats to giveaway!



The meeting adjourned around 3:30pm