Minutes from the May 2007

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


Total attendance: 13


The meeting commenced by viewing of two short videos from Engineering TV – one on 2 wheel balancing robots and another on magnetic robots.

Next up was Jake with the usual introductions and a mention of the Robo-Business Conference coming up in Boston on May 15-16.

Jake told the group that MIT is going to redo its museum with completion slated for Fall 2007. We also talked about another trip to MIT and the flea market. Two possible dates were floated: May 20th or June 17th.

Next up were Nathaniel and John to convey their impressions of the recent 2007 Trinity Firefighting Robot Contest.

Art told the group that he had a couple of VEX kits that he wanted to sell (one was gone by the end of the meeting).

Duncan discussed a gantry robot project he’s working on in VRML (virtual reality modeling language). He also told us about a software package called “Sketch Up” (you can Google it to find the URL).

Mark was up next. He asked the group for ideas for a facial robot to showcase motors made by his employer (IMS - Intelegent Motion Systems).

Next Jim showed the group his new robot – a differentially driven platform sporting homebrew wheel encoders and two microprocessor boards.

Finally Jake talked a little about his job at GHAMAS.


The meeting adjourned around 4:00pm