Minutes from the February 2007

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


Total Attendance: 19



The meeting started by watching some Engineering TV videos (www.engineeringtv.com).


Jake came up next with the usual introductions accompanied by the passing around of the e-mail address sheet for new members.


In an attempt to facilitate better communications, John G. stated that he would like to create a Yahoo Groups forum for the CRS.


Due to the geographic diversity of the membership, there was some discussion of changing the name of the club. Jake was to follow-up with an e-mail to the membership solicting ideas for a new name.


John G. talked about last months Down & Back contest followed up by viewing some videos from www.chibots.org.


Michael brought in a couple really cool robots sporting the new “Wheel Watchers” encoders, AVR micros, and state-of-the-art batteries. He also showed us a CMU robo-soccer.


Next we had a Mark W. giveaway of some printers and scanners – thanks Mark!


Jake gave an introduction to a pneumatic kits that he had.


Finally we had free time to wander around and chat.



The meeting adjourned around 4:30pm