Minutes from the October 2006

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


Total Attendance: 11


The first half hour was spent watching a video recording of Part 2 of the MIT Autonomous Robot Design Competition 6.270 contest.

Jake was up then with the usual introductions and the passing around of the e-mail list for additions/updates.

Next,  Dr. Bob Harris described his desire to build a robotic dental hygienist. Being a beginner in robotics, he wanted to know how it could be done, and asked the group for ideas. Two goals need to be achieved: it must clean teeth faster than a human, and secondly, it must not be more painful. Jake showed the group a way using UV light to discriminate between clean vs. unbrushed teeth.

Next there was a robotics poster and Trinity tee shirt giveaway. Dr. Bob was the winner.

Following this, Nathaniel, who is a senior at GHAMAS, came up giving the group an update and asking for further advice on one of his latest projects – a robotic checkers game. 

Finally Jake introduced the MIT Delta Design engineering game. We broke up into two teams and played the game which had to do with designing  the best house based on the following four factors: mechanical strength, cost, environmental comfort (heating/cooling), and livability (beauty).


The meeting adjourned around 4:30pm.