Minutes from the November 2006

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


Total Attendance: 13


The first half hour was spent watching a video recording of the rest of Part 2 of the MIT Autonomous Robot Design Competition 6.270 contest.

Jake was up then with the usual introductions and the passing around of the e-mail list for additions/updates.

Next Jim gave a report on his recent vacation to Space Camp (Huntsville, AL).  The pictures can be found at http://www.ctrobots.org/spacecamp/scpics.

We then viewed a new Grandar video about their new AS-RobI robot.

Next Duncan Bell gave a presentation on a Virtual Reality Modeling Language called VRML97. Google “VRML97” for further information.

Mark Wolkon showed off his new toy – an iPod. Sporting a 30GB hard drive, it can hold an impressive 7500 songs. For those interested in purchasing one as a present this holiday season, this model iPod retails for about $250.

Jake had some more NASA Rover videos to show us.

Scott was up next. He had a cool automotive ignition coil project to show us.

Next we used Jake’s equipment to determine the wavelength of light emitting from Mark’s LEDs


The meeting adjourned around 4:30pm.