Minutes from the March 2006

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


Total Attendance: 24


The meeting commenced with a viewing of several misc video clips found at www.engr.colostate.edu/~dga/video_demos/robotics.

Next the group talked about our upcoming MIT trip. It was decided that we would go on the 3rd Sunday in May (May 21st). The trip would take in the MIT Flea Market and the museum. The Flea Market runs from 9am – 2pm and the museum opens at noon. A sheet was passed around for those interested. Jake will take the list and attempt to form car pools. If you are interested send an e-mail to Jake (let him know where you live) and he will try to match you up.

There will be no regular April meeting. With the Trinity College FireFighting Robot Contest on that 2nd Sunday, that’s the place to be. So all members are encouraged to attend this very neat robotics event (also it’s the ONLY robotics event on the east coast right in our own backyard so how could you miss it!).

There will be no regular May meeting. The MIT trip (described above, May 21st) will take the place of that meeting.

Lastly, because of a conflict in Jake’s schedule, the June meeting will be held on the forth Sunday of June (June 25th).

With all that business out of the way, Jeff and David presented a slide show from their participation in the First Lego League Competition.

Next, Duncan gave a 3-dimensional printing (i.e. build 3d items in slow real time) presentation. Very interesting, thanks, Duncan!

Jake held a Chinese calendar give-away.

Peter then showed the group his First Robotics robot #663. Thanks to Peter and his dad for bringing in the robot – it made for a very interesting show-and-tell. Images can be found in under the pictures section on the site (month of March 2006).

Our own Les Boyton held a magazine give-away.

Next a Lego walking robot was demo’ed . The robot was built around a hexapod design, and the builders hoped to compete with it in the upcoming Trinity contest. Much Luck in the contest!

George Moody described 3 robot contests in January at MIT.

Next Traver gave us a Scibbler Robot demo.

Mark Wolkon demoed a printed circuit board (cut by Jake’s CNC machine) that interfaces the Lego Brick to Bill Ruehl’s IR sensor. Thanks Mark!

We concluded the meeting by all going outside to watch Peter’s robot #663 scoop up and throw rubber kick-balls. A great end to the meeting. Thanks guys!


The meeting adjourned around 4:00pm.