Minutes from the June 2006

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


Total Attendance: 20


The meeting commenced with a half-hour viewing of the MIT 6.270 contest held in 1999.

Jake was up next with the usual introductions followed closely by our yearly elections.  After a brief discussion of the various responsibilities, it was decided that our current officers would once again retain their positions.  That is, Jake M. as president, Jim S., and Mark W. as vice presidents, and Walter K. as secretary/treasurer.

Following this, our trips to MIT and the Trinity College Fire Fighting Robot contest were discussed.  Some people brought in some of the items they purchased while at MIT including a USB connector kit (brought in by Jake and Visar), and a small Linux computer brought in by Jim.

Several other items were then announced by Jake including free magazines, the release of Microsoft’s Robotics Studio, and Radio Shack selling Vex parts at half price.

Jake then demonstrated the RoboNova walking robot by HiTec.  This little ‘bot featured roughly 18 servo motors and an Atmel AVR MCU allowing it to walk, balance on one foot, and even perform a back-flip!  Thanks Jake for bringing this in!

This demonstration was then followed by several games of the new laser chess - Deflexion.  Several people joined the game while the others could watch its progress via the overhead projector.

Our monthly mini-sumo competition was then held with Jim and Walter as competitors.  It was a very interesting match this month with Walter’s robot winning several rounds.  Despite this however, Jim’s ‘bot still won the majority of the matches allowing him to retain the title of “Club Champion” (still, he had better watch out for Walter’s modifications come September’s meeting!).  Great work to both competitors!

The meeting ended with several members attempting to write new software for the RoboNova Jake brought in.


The meeting adjourned around 4:00pm.