Minutes from the October 2005

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


Total attendance: 30


The meeting started with a presentation by Michael of his new BASIC interpreter, SMBI (self-modifying BASIC interpreter).  After an overview of the interpreter (commands, IDE, etc.) he talked about its ability to write programs that modify themselves, and also its ability to create stand alone executable files.  Very nice work!

Jim was up next with an introduction to our monthly contests of Maze Solving, Line Following, and Sumo.

Afterwards, Mark W. and Walter K. gave the maze solving competition a try.  Marks Lego 'bot performed magnificently and was able to make it to the finish mark without problems.  Walter's however had some trouble with the narrow walls but he said he should be able to fix it for next meeting.

Line following was next with Mark, Jim S., and Walter, and all three robots were able to make it through the track without problems!

Last (but not least) was the sumo contest between Jim and Walter.  In this competition, both 'bots performed magnificently, however whenever it came to actually pushing each other off the course, Jim's sumo bot was able to scoop up Walter's and tip it off its wheels, giving Jim a win for each of the three runs!

This was followed by a general conversation on the Sumo contest with John G. sharing some of his stories on the contest.

Next up, another member talked about his Lego robot for the Trinity College Fire Fighting Contest.  Afterwards, he gave it a trial run through our maze competition arena.  Great work!

Another member than showed everyone something he's been working on now for some time, a device capable of moving an arm in 3D built using Legos and PVC... very nice work!

Jake then showed off some of the Chinese soccer robots he recently received and discussed the possibility that we might create a team for this contest for the next Trinity event in April.

Afterwards, Jake discussed the possibility of creating “mini-classes” for each meeting (soldering, using the Lego RCX, PC board etching, etc.).  If you might be interested in creating such a class, please send an email to Jake at: jake@mendelssohn.name.

Everyone then split into groups to look through the many Lego Mindstorms kits that we now have access to at GHAMAS.


The meeting adjourned around 4:00pm