Minutes from the November 2005

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


Total attendance: 23


The meeting started with the group watching a 38 minute long video entitled “Silicon Run I”. The video was about how ICs are made and how they work. It was very informative and more information can be found at    http://www.siliconrun.com.

Next, Jake asked for volunteers to demo to the group the “SchmartBoard”. This is a special PCB that helps mount and solder those nasty SMT chips. Mark Wolkon said he would take a look at it and report back at the next meeting.

Peter was up next. He showed the group the VEX kit that he got from Radio Shack to use in the First competition. This is a very nice robot kit that contains two modified servo motors, lots of gears, wheels, Erector style metal parts, a PIC brain and an RC remote control. The kit retails for $300. If you’ve got the $$$, this is the kit to get. Thanks Peter for sharing it with us.

Next, Mark Wolkon conducted a soldering clinic for the group. Meeting at GHAMAS sure has it’s benefits. Everyone got to use his or her own soldering station and Jake had some printed circuit boards with headers and IC sockets to practice on. A very nice real world exercise. Thanks Mark and Jake!

Hasan cleaned out his basement and brought many goodies to the meeting to giveaway. Folks, the crowd went wild! Thanks Hasan for bringing in all that stuff for us.

Last (but not least) was the sumo contest between Jim and Mark.  Mark was trying out a Lego based mini-sumo that he put together the day before the meeting. When it came to pushing each other off the course, Jim's store bought sumo bot won hands down. Back to the drawing board Mark – better luck next time.


The meeting adjourned around 3:30pm