Minutes from the December 2005

Connecticut Robotics Society Meeting:


Total attendance: 18


The meeting commenced with a viewing of several short astronomy related movies.

Jake then talked briefly about the "Scribbler Robot" (www.scribblerrobot.com) which is a $99 robot containing a Basic Stamp II, motors, sensors, etc.  He explained how it can be programmed (using a visual blocks style and also in BASIC) and also demonstrated some of its abilities.

Next, Peter was up with a demonstration of a robot constructed using VEX parts that was capable of collecting tennis balls.  He gave a short demonstration of the 'bot in action and explained how it all worked.  Great job!

Mark was up next with his review of the "SchmartBoard" which he received last meeting.  He explained how it worked and what it was supposed to do (which is making SMT chips easier to use).  Overall however, he wasn't very impressed with the device and in fact even the demo chip it came with wouldn't work properly due to the boards poor design.  Thanks Mark for this informative review.

Another member also had a review to give on a similar technology: the "Surf Board" which he said actually worked well.  Thanks for the review!

Next, Jake gave everyone a hands-on demonstration of the Eagle 4.15 CAD software.  He explained not only how to create schematics with the software, but how to turn them into PC board designs.  Next month we'll be actually taking some of these designs and using them to make an actual PCB.  Thanks Jake!

Mark came up next with a quick review of a similar software package "Pads".

While this was going on, several other members were busy putting together a complex line following challenge for Jake's Scribbler 'bot which the robot was able to complete successfully with only a few minor glitches here and there.

Jake then offered the chance for someone to take the Scribbler Robot home for one month in order to "do something cool" with it.  To determine who would take this home we held a raffle and the lucky winner was Molly.  Congratulations Molly, and thanks Jake!


The meeting adjourned around 3:30pm