Minutes from the September 2003

Connceticut Robotics Society Meeting:


Total attendance: 15+

The meeting started with a 1/2 hour viewing of RoboSapians.

After that, Jake did the usual introductions. He also received an e-mail from Scott (our former president) saying that all is well in college. His e-mail is slb9471@rit.edu.

John then talked about robotic sumo competitions. He discussed the size limits of regular sumo and mini sumo. He then talked about a new division...nano sumo. He went over some of the hardware you need to build a sumo 'bot (microprocessor, sensors, etc.). He also discussed some strategies that robots use to win in a sumo competition.

Jeff was up next and he showed everyone his Lego robot. He built this robot for reusiblity, meaning that he can quickly change the robot from a line follower to a wall follower for example. Another cool feature of this 'bot is that it's powered by a single drive motor in the front. This front wheel also has the ability to rotate, causing the robot to turn. This drive system allows the robot to drive nearly perfectly straight! Good job Jeff!

Jeff also pointed out a good website to buy Lego sensors (such as the rotation sensor). That website is www.pitsco.com .

Jake then talked about the different tools he uses to build robots. In his talk he explained that you don't need a big tool shop to build cool robots. He first talked about the Dremel which is a small rotary tool that's capable of cutting through wood, plastic, and even metal! He explained that the Dremel comes with several attachments from cutting disks to grinding wheels. There are also several larger attachments for the Dremel tool such as a drill press which will turn your Dremel into a small drill press (good for drilling holes into a PCB). There is also an attachment that will turn your Dremel into a small router.

Jake also talked about hot glue guns. He explained that there are different types of glue guns from low temperature to small size (for more precise work) to the normal guns. He also talked about several miter boxes that he has, one in particular that he purchased from Home Depot for $10 that's able to lock onto the piece you are cutting and lock onto the table! He then went over pop rivets and how to use them to attach two pieces of metal. Thanks for this information Jake!

Next up was the line following competition! The contestant was Mark W. (you can guess who won). Even though he was the only contestant his robot performed magnificently! As a prize he was able to choose from a box of parts or a tool set (which is what he chose). Thanks John for donating that tool set!

The meeting adjourned around 3:30pm