Minutes from the November 2003

Connceticut Robotics Society Meeting:


Total attendance: 20+

The meeting started with a viewing of several Honda robot commercials and some movies about NASA.

After that Jake did the usual introductions. He also talked about some of the new sensors that are available at the Robot Store.

Jim was up next with his talk on the OOPic processor. He explained what the OOPic is and what makes it different from other processors. He then talked about the different methods of programming the OOPic including Virtual Circuits and Event Driven programs and showed everyone a sample program using each method. Then, after explaining the advantages and disadvantages of the OOPic, Jim put the OOPic to work with a hands-on demonstration in which the OOPic used sensors and an LCD to output the calculated volume of a box. Thank you Jim for this very informative talk!

David then asked for help with his PocketPC which refused to work. He also asked for advice on what to do with several cameras that he bought for that PocketPC. Several members gave him some suggestions on what to do. Good luck David.

Nathanial was up next with his new Fire Fighting robot. He talked about what he already had on the 'bot (such as an OOPic controller) and what his plans were. He then gave a small demo of the robot. Good job!

Next up was the candle finding contest! The contestants were Mark W. and Jeff. Using Legos, Mark's robot was able to find the candle right away! Jeff's robot (also using the Lego RCX) was able to find the candle, but had a little trouble putting it out (which wasn't required for this contest anyway). Both contestants did very well and in the end, Mark placed first. Good Job everyone!

The meeting adjourned around 3:30pm