Minutes from the June 2002

CRS meeting:


Total attendance: 18

Scott did the usual introductions.

A new idea was then given by one of the members that the club should have a "Junkyard Wars" type competition. Several ideas were given for competitions including:
-tractor pull (visit www.nepars.org for the rules on the tractor pull contest)
-line following
-sorting objects by color

Bill then talked about the products he's selling through Acroname. These products include custom built wheels and optical sensors that can be used for line detecting or wheel encoding. Bill then passed around demonstrations of each product. Visit www.acroname.com for more information on these cool new products! Thanks Bill for comming and showing everone these new products!

Next up was the light contest! The contestants were Jim, Mark, a new member (I didn't catch your name, but if you e-mail me ( wkrawec@frontiernet.net ), I'll add it to the minutes), and Walter. Each robot performed well in this contest, and the winner was Mark whose robot put out all the lights in 12.02 seconds! Bill donated a pair of his new optical sensors to the winner of this contest. Congratulations Mark!

Another member brought in a six legged Lego robot and an impressive Lego transmission! Good job!

The meeting adjourned around 3:30pm