Minutes from the December 2002

Connceticut Robotics Society Meeting:


Total attendance: 16

The meeting commenced at 1pm with a viewing of the 2002 Trinity College Home Fire Fighting Robot Contest seminars and a short video of the Isreal robot from the 2001 fire fighting contest.

Jake then had several give away items including power supplies, and the Nut's and Volts "Amateur Robotics" supplement.

After the give-aways, Jake gave a very nice talk about lasers. He described what they are and how they work by giving several demonstrations. The final demonstration was a working laser which Jake constructed. Thank you very much for this very informative demonstration Jake!

Mark was up next and he talked about his robot for the candle finding contest. His robot was made with Legos, but had a fan in the front powered by a drill battery. Very nice work Mark!

Scott talked about his candle finding robot. His was a Lego robot with a custom-made candle detecting sensor. This was very innovative.

Next, Walter talked about his 2001 fire fighting robot which he used for this month's candle finding contest. This robot used a UV tube to detect the candle, and an HC11 for the controller.

Jeff then showed everyone his entry for the candle finding contest. This robot was a Lego robot with a light sensor to detect the candle. Very nice work!

Vasar was up next and he described the robot he was using for the candle finding contest. He used a long tube with a lens to focus the light from the flame to the sensor. Great idea!

Nathanial described his Lego robot for the candle finding contest. This robot also used the Lego light sensor to detect the candle. Good job Nathanial!

After everyone described their robots, the actual contest was held. Everyone's robot did very well...congratulations to all the contestants! In the end, the placement was as follows:

December Candle Finding Contest



Distance from candle when flame detected

1st place


9 feet

2nd place


6 feet

3rd place


4 feet

4th place


1.5 feet

5th place


1 foot

6th place


Probably equivalent (in feet) to the quantity of the rest mass of a neutrino (and for this I think he may be able to share the Nobel Prize in Physics with Ray Davis).

After the meeting, dues where collected for the club's treasury.

The meeting adjourned around 3:30pm.