Minutes from the September '01 CRS meeting:

Total attendance: 18

The meeting started by watching 1/2 hours of the 2001 Trinity College Home Fire Fighting Robot Contest video.

Next Scott did the usual introductions

Jake brought in several large boxes full of electronic components such as DIP sockets, headers, switches, and lots of other useful parts! Thank you very much Jake!

Elections where held after that. The officers are the same as last year with Scott as President and Walter as Secretary/Treasurer.

John then talked about how one of the parts that Jake brought in can be converted into a transformer. Thanks for this info John!

A new webmaster was also voted in. His name is Wayne English and can be reached at: Wayneenglish@cs.com

Scott then talked about his Lego printer. He showed some of the drawings that the printer was capable of doing...very impresive! Scott also talked about his other project which was an electronic wheel chair that ran on a synchro drive system. Very nice Scott!

John then talked about an article he found in a magazine about Lego Mindstorms. The article also talked about a 14 year old person who made a Lego solution to the Rubix Cube. His Lego project was able to solve the Rubix Cube without any help at all! Thanks for bringing this in John.

Next up was Gary, and he talked about some new Lego sensors that a friend of his built. One was an electronic compass, and the other was a Lego ultrasonic sensor! He also demonstrated the ultrasonic sensor's ability to tell distance by running a demo program. Very neat!

Jim showed everyone his latest robot for the Odometry Robot Competition (this competition will be held next month). This robot used shaft encoders and was able to go in a straight line for very long distances! Jim also demonstrated the robot's ability to make exact 90 degree turns. Very impressive!

Jake then showed everyone pictures on the projector of his latest trip to China. He also described what it was like over there and what his experiences where. Thanks for sharing this with us Jake!

The meeting adjourned around 3:30pm