Minutes from the October 2001

CRS meeting:

Total attendance: 11

Scott gave away several electronic parts including resistors, chokes, and transistors. Thanks Scott for bringing this in!

Scott then did the usual introductions while the e-mail sheet was passed around to several new members.

With the science fair coming up, Scott showed us the progress of his entry - - a synchro drive wheelchair. He currently has 2 wheels constructed (with motors). Scott also showed us how the finished wheelchair will work. Nice work Scott!

Next up was a Lego printer built by Mark W. This printer was able to accurately write "USA" and draw a square on a piece of paper. These were just two of several figures the printer is capable of drawing. It was truly incredible to watch the printer at work...good job Mark!

Walter was up next, and he showed everyone his HC11 operating system which he called Doors HC11 OS (DHOS for short). This OS was based on his file manager that he brought in on a previous meeting. It was capable of organizing programs, and even drawing color bitmaps.

John then showed everyone a microprocessor board that he bought recently. He told everyone about the pros and cons of the board. He also talked about MAX232 level convertors, and several other interesting topics. Thanks John for sharing this info with us.

The meeting ended with a general conversation.

The meeting adjourned around 3:00pm