Minutes from the May '01 CRS meeting:

Total attendance: 10

The meeting started with the Odometry Contest practice.

Scott was up first for the practice. On the first run a few of the robot's delays were off, however with a few quick modifications to the program, Scott's robot was running very nicely!

Next Marc practiced with Max on the contest track. On the first run Max dragged the track with him! However a few runs later Max was able to complete the track successfully and was very accurate!

Next month will be the actual contest for both stair and odometry contests.

Marc also talked a little about Max and demonstrated a few of his abilities.

Meanwhile Jake brought in some pictures of the Trinity College Fire Fighting Home Robot Contest which we viewed via the overhead projector.

After everyone was done practicing for the contest, Walter talked about his HC11 file manager. He gave a quick demo and told everyone that you can read about it online at www.chipcenter.com/circuitcellar

Next Scott's dad proposed that the CRS sponsor a prize for the Connecticut Science Fair. Not only would we be supporting the science fair youth, but we would get some publicity as well. If you have questions, you can e-mail him.

John then talked about fatcow.com. They are a web hosting service that will give you your own domain name, 100Mb of space, and lots more for only $99 a year!

The meeting adjourned around 3:30pm