Minutes from the June '01 CRS meeting:

Total attendance: 28

The meeting started with some practice runs for the Odometry Robotic Competition.

Next Bill showed us some movies and pictures of robots on his projector. The movies showed a new walking robot being developed and his own robot BetaZoid...a speedy line following robot. He then showed us several very interesting pictures of how he built a robot like his Octo-bot. The slides went step-by-step showing the progress of the robot in detail. Bill also showed us a very nice serial display that you can buy at www.crystalfontz.com . Thanks Bill for bringing all this!

Then Scott did the usual introductions.

Jim was up next. He showed everyone his Quickcam project. He was able to interface the Quickcam camera to an HC11. He demonstrated the camera's ability by having the HC11 take a picture and send the picture to his Laptop so that we could all see it. He moved the camera around in view of a black circle on white paper, and the camera took a very accurate picture every time. Nice work Jim!

Mark W. showed us his step climbing Lego robot. This robot had a RCX as the main processor, and with just a little help was able to climb a step! He says that the robot should be done before the stair-climbing contest. Nice work!

Two new members showed us their Odometry Contest robot. This 'bot uses a PIC for the main processor, and is mounted on a toy tank base. Also, all the circuits were on a breadboard which allowed them to easily modify the electronics. Good job!

Kevin then talked about and demonstrated his new walking robot. The robot has four legs and uses a new steering mechanism that Kevin built which allows the walking robot to turn very easily. Thanks for bringing this in Kevin!

Next was the Odometry Contest itself! Scott was up first. His robot made it around 3/4 of the track without any trouble. The other competitor was up next with their treaded robot and their robot was able to complete 1/2 of the track with only a few bumps. Both competitors did very well in this competition!

We decided that we will have another Odometry Contest in September. Keep in mind however that the 5 foot inner square will up to an inch less than 5 feet, and the 8 feet outer square will be up to an inch more than 8 feet...welcome to the real world!

After everyone was done competing, Jim showed a few members his HC11 multitasking code. With this code the HC11 was able to run up to 9 programs at the same time! He could also attach, remove, suspend, or resume a task by simply pressing a few keys on his computer (his computer was running a terminal editor, so whatever Jim typed on his computer was sent to the HC11, and whatever the HC11 sent out to the serial port, the computer printed it out on the screen). Good job!

The meeting adjourned around 3:30pm