Minutes from the Jan '01 CRS meeting:

Total attendance: 20

A little action before this meeting...First, we were locked out of the main building, then after Jake unlocked it the class room was locked! After several unsuccessful attempts to pick the lock, we all squeezed into a much smaller room ( at least it was better than the parking lot:)!

The meeting commenced at 1pm by viewing 30 minutes of the IEEE video.

After this, Jake did the usual introductions (Scott was out).

A discussion about the upcoming CRS Line Following event started. The practice for the event will be next month (Feb.) and the actual contest will be held in March. John is sponsoring a T-shirt for a prize!

Mark Wolkon showed us his Christmas gift...a Lego Mindstorms. He did several things with it already including building his own sensors for it. He then demonstrated some of the programs he made. One program had the robot move whenever a bright light was detected. The robot would stop when the light went out and changed direction when it was on again. He also demonstrated the RCX's music capabilities and sensor functions. Finally he showed us his Lego gripper.

Chris Graf gave out another truck load of goodies! These were large devices containing several useful parts such as servos, encoders, solenoids, etc. Thanks Chris!

Kevin was up next. He showed us all one of his walking robots. He explained how it worked and gave us a demo.

Kevin's friend talked about his idea for a dancing monkey and a duct tape robot.

Another member also brought in an RCX. He demonstrated it's speed and maneuverability by having it spin and turn on a table.

Next up was Jim with his latest robot. This little robot had two servos for the drive motors, bump sensors, GP2D12 IR sensors, and even photo-cells! A PIC was used to control the servos while an HC11 was used to control everything else. Jim then demonstrated his robot's abilities by running it on a table. It was able to avoid obstacles, and follow a bright light! Great work Jim!

John then passed out some questionnaires for us to fill out.

The meeting adjourned around 3:00pm