Minutes from the Feb '01 CRS meeting:

Total attendence: 25+

The meeting commenced at 1:30pm by viewing the video of seminars at last years Trinity Contest.

Next, we had the usual introductions by Scott.

Then Remo got up and spoke to the group about his project "Dance of the Waterspiders". The project combining art and robotics centers around the creation of eight creatures called "waterspiders" that move around a large pool of water in a public place and interact with their environment. The club offered several suggestions and pieces of constructive criticism. Remo also spoke a little on getting funding and donations for projects. A very interesting presentation.

Next, Kevin showed us his latest legged creation.

Another member showed off a really sharp robot that he built. It sported an ultrasonic ranger, IR sensors for near object detection, and a BotBoard II (68HC11) for a brain. It was (is) programmed with the layered behavior approach called subsumption architecture. It managed to move around at a leisurely pace and avoid all objects in its path. Very impressive.

Various Leggo creations were brought in and discussed.

Then we had some practice runs in preparation for the March Line Following Contest. Four or five brought in their line followers and gave a brief discussion on their operation then ran them on the 1999 wooden track and on a track made up by Les Boyton (thanks Les). There was considerable disagreement over whether or not our 1999 wooden course met the rules on the web page, the turning radiuses were 50% too small. Near the end of the meeting, Bill R. bought the old maze from the club for $40, the cost of materials. Bill is forming a robotics society in North Eastern Pennsylvania (www.nepars.org) and wanted the track for them. We will be using the plotted course next month for the official contest.

The meeting adjourned around 4:00 pm.